Abigail (Catherine Fulop) es una joven malcriada y atribulada por la pérdida de su madre, en plena infancia, y la falta de atención de su padre, un acaudalado hombre de negocios con quien comparte muy poco tiempo.

Abigail's arrogant and rebellious attitude makes her the center of attention at the religious school where she studies, and where she gets her greatest whim: Professor Carlos Alfredo (Fernando Carrillo), with his youthful charms.

Carlos refuses to give in to the evident attractiveness of the young student and fixes his attention on the teacher María Clara Martínez (Hilda Abrahamz) who is extremely in love with him.

But age and social status differences were not enough to contain the growing desire of Abigail and Carlos.

From this relationship, a child is born that Abigail loses amid a mental disorder. After recovering her sanity, she will begin an inexhaustible search until she finds her child most unexpectedly.

In the meantime, she must deal with a failed marriage, although the hope of a happy reunion with Carlos Alfredo serves as an inspiration to move forward.

Abigail es una de las producciones emblemáticas de RCTV. Vendida en más de 25 países, evidencia de la aceptación del público de Europa, Norteamérica, Asia, Latinoamérica, y África.

Abigail was the most-watched drama in the evening hours in Spain even 20 years after its premiere, the Ecuadorian audience placed it in the first place of rating, confirming its preference for the Venezuelan soap opera

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