Betrayed (El Desprecio)


The contempt and betrayed are feeling that accompanies Clara Inés (Maricarmen Regueiro) from a very early age. She leaves the hostelry where she lives under the tutoring of nuns, to change the course of her life, once she finds out that she comes from a very powerful family.

On her way to the capital, she happens to meet Raúl Velandró (Flavio Caballero), who confesses to her that he is part of the family group she is looking for and offers to accompany her. From then on, the young stutterer knows love.

Clara Inés' trip to the capital is not to the liking of Pastora Lara-Portillo de Santamaría, Raúl's mother and wife of the powerful Israel Santamaría. So Pastora contract-killers to prevent her from reaching her destination, but they fail, so she must accept Clara at the Santa Maria mansion.

Once there, Clara becomes the center of humiliation. The contempt is evident but the greatest pain for Clara Inés occurs when she discovers that Raúl Velandró is married. Clara Inés is expelled from the house without being able to explain that Israel Santamaría is her father.

But her uncle Cyril intervenes, proves every one of her consanguineous bonds and takes her back to the family home, in spite of Pastora's refusal. Clara accumulates all that resentment due to the disdain and harshness she was treated and prepares to return, an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth, all the wickedness she was a victim.

To do this, she will sometimes use the same gimmicks practiced by Pastora, even though putting at risk the love she feels for Raúl.

Esta producción dramática original de Julio César Mármol, realizada por primera en el año 1991, contó con la coproducción de la cadena española Antena 3.

En el año 2006, RCTV realizó una adaptación que, al igual que su antecesora, fue muy exitosa. Más de 10 países adquirieron los derechos de transmisión para la primera versión.

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