The Unforgettable (La Inolvidable)

Simón Leal (Rafael Romero) returns from Europe as the main attraction of a show company. He is a devoted escape artist who, on his return to the country, finds love personified in Maria Teresa Montero (Christianne Gout) while discovering his parents' murderers.

Simón did not have the opportunity to meet his parents, who were cruelly murdered as soon as he saw the light of day. The details of the event were recorded in a film that he manages to obtain and where the real culprit is revealed: Colonel Maximiliano Montero, Maria Teresa's father.

Thanks to his histrionic skills, Simón makes another film in which he unmasks the murderers but, ironically, he has Maria Teresa as the main character of the film.

Maximiliano Montero intervenes and uses all the resources at his disposal to separate his daughter from Simón. He, therefore, resorts to lies and plans an attack with which he intends to frame Simon. His plans succeed and Maria Teresa marries a man she does not love.

However, no trick can be imposed before the force of love. That is why Simon Leal must use all his abilities to achieve the most important goal of his life: to stay with Maria Theresa... the unforgettable.


El actor Rafael Romero se estrenó como protagonista en esta producción de RCTV, mientras que la actriz mexicana Christianne Gout incursionó por primera vez en la televisión venezolana. Se trata de otra de las producciones emblemáticas que ha dejado huella tanto en Venezuela como en los países donde se ha exhibido.

The Latin American market has shown insistent interest in acquiring the broadcasting rights of this RCTV production, as well as in Europe where it has been shown in countries such as Holland, Russia, Armenia, Belgium, Germany, and France, to mention a few.

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