The story of a young newspaper seller, used to the hostility and fury of a city, will change after an incident, which will put her in front of the man who will mark her destiny. Rubí (Mariela Alcalá) lives in a popular sector in great poverty. She does not know her parents and is the victim of a woman who takes advantage of her for having picked her up on the street. Miraculously, she is saved from being run over by Victor Alfonso (Jaime Araque), a student from a wealthy, noble family with life and goals already mapped out.

Victor Alfonso becomes attached to the innocent and rebellious girl and takes her home where she begins to work as a maid, to improve her economic conditions.

Rubi's stay at Miranda's house takes an unexpected turn as she becomes the heir to the family fortune, after Doña Leonor, Victor Alfonso's grandmother makes a change in her will before she dies.

However, Rubi is unaware of the new environment in which she will have to operate and her indomitable character plays a trick on her. The young woman will have to bring out the courage and determination that helped her survive on the streets, but now intending to earn everyone's respect and consolidate her relationship with Victor Alfonso.

Más de 10 millones de personas se sentaron frente a sus televisores para observar el impactante final de Rubí.

This RCTV production captured the attention of the audience in the 26 countries where it was seen, among them: Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, Chile, Vietnam, and Spain.

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